We’re excited to announce that PG Driving For Life has reopened, and that we’re beginning to resume lessons.

As our Company continues to respond to the changes in the COVID-19 crisis, the health and well-being of our staff and clients remains our utmost priority. As our service relies on being less that 6 feet apart, we have implemented some new measures to protect our Instructors and Students.

We are sanitizing our vehicles between each lesson and require the use of non-medical masks for Students and Instructors during lessons. We also ask that Students and Instructors who feel sick or are showing signs of sickness postpone their scheduled lessons. Students will be required to sign a COVID-19 Form before every lesson.

Our full COVID-19 Policies/Procedures, and the Form, can be downloaded here.

Regarding Lessons & Road Tests

Our initial goal is to serve the Students who were booked prior to shutdown and we are trying our best to get caught up as quickly as possible. Christina has begun reaching out to current clients to begin the re-booking process. We ask that you are patient with us during this time. As in the past, we will be doing our best to treat each of you with the same great level of customer service we have built our business on, and we know that a license is important to everyone equally. We have a minimum of 1200 lesson hours to rebook, including tests, as well as lessons that are currently booked in the future. With stricter sanitizing measures and the backlog, we will do our absolute best to maintain our great Driving For Life service under the ‘new-normal.’

We have been told that ICBC will be reopening for road tests on July 20th. To the best of our knowledge, they will be contacting us for road tests that were booked in March in chronological order, including the tests that were open to the general public.

We will be booking road tests at that time and will be beholden to the appointments ICBC provides. If you had a test booked for April-July, it is likely that your test will occur later than those who were eligible in March.

If, when ICBC reopens, you book a test on your own and not in accordance with our system, we likely will not be able to accommodate it in our schedule. For ICBC’s full update, click here

We are also following our current stated policies regarding lessons and testing. We hope you have been driving regularly and keeping up with your practice. If it is deemed by your Instructor that you are unsafe or not prepared for your road test, we will be recommending more lessons or a later test, regardless of whether you have a booked test or not. Each Student will be assessed when the Instructor sees you for the first time on return to lessons. If you haven’t been able to practice or you are feeling anxiety about restarting lessons or testing, please let us know and we will work with you through the process.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this update. We look forward to seeing you soon.

–  Christopher Schulz, CEO