Please Note

While these modules are filmed in Prince George, BC, they do not represent the routes taken by ICBC examiners and should not be studied in that context. The principles covered apply across all ICBC territory. Do not put stock in the route or local features, as these will change from test to test and location to location. We utilize the routes we do for preparation simply because they give the opportunity to talk about topics covered in the road test.

All prices below include tax. Purchases are made through the BC Online Driver Training platform unless you are purchasing a Custom Tailored Lesson Package (6 lessons or above) and adding on full Online Driver Training access (over a 50% discount), in which case proceed through our regular Registration and let us know when we do your lesson package intake that you’d like to add on the full access.


If you’re considering multiple courses, our course Bundles are a great option. Purchase together and save!

BUNDLE | Beginner Basics + Vehicle Handling + Parking

$ 209
  • This bundle covers pretty much everything needed to get a beginner driver on the road and practicing to drive safely.
  • Topics include Vehicle Control, Blindspots, Gaps, Stop Positions, Observing Hazards, 3 Point Turns, Reversing, Cul de Sacs, Parallel Parks, Uphill/Downhill Parks, Stall Parks, and more!

BUNDLE | General Driving Techniques + Full Drive w/Commentary

$ 255
  • This bundle includes our General Driving Techniques course, which goes over our Points to Better Driving System (key habits to help you drive proactively), and a Full Drive that provides a cumulative example of the System being used in real-life scenarios.

BUNDLE | Road Test Prep + Parking + Vehicle Handling

$ 235
  • Preparing for your ICBC road test? Our Road Test Prep course covers what your examiner is likely to ask of you during the test.
  • The Parking & Vehicle Handling courses build on specific topics required to pass and explain how to perform the maneuvers that your ICBC examiner will ask you to perform.


The below options are our individual courses. Depending on your goals, be sure to check out our Bundles if you’re considering multiple courses.

Road Test Prep

$ 159
  • This 43-min course will take you through an overview of what to expect when heading into an ICBC road test, including the types of things you will likely be asked to do and how the examiner will ask you to do them.

General Driving Techniques

$ 159
  • The Points to Better Driving System is our internally developed curriculum that outlines Key Habits that will help you drive proactively; anticipating problems or hazards and correcting them well in advance to keep you safe.

Beginner Basics

$ 139
  • This course is ideal for brand new drivers - it covers many of the basics required to get started on the road including vehicle control overviews, blind spots/shoulder checks, stop positions, observing hazards, and more.

Vehicle Handling

$ 55
  • This course covers the maneuvers and vehicle handling commonly encountered when on the road and showcases how to execute them, including 3 point turns, cul de sacs, reversing, and exiting.


$ 45
  • This course covers the common parking types required when on the road and how to execute them, including parallel parking, parking uphill with and without a curb, downhill parking, and reverse stall parking.

Full Drive w/Commentary

$ 99
  • This course employs the Points to Better Driving (PTBD) System, with examples, during a full drive. It’s a highly effective tool for understanding how the PTBD habits are deployed in real-life scenarios.

Supporting Our Community

“Giving is the Difference, that makes the Difference”

A portion of your driving lesson dollars helps to support various organizations in our community including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George, the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation, and our UNBC Scholarship fund. 

We created a Financial Award with UNBC!

The award is available for past and current PG Driving For Life Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at UNBC. One award of $500 will be given per UNBC Awards Competition based on the following eligibility:

Available to a full-time undergraduate student in satisfactory academic standing. Applicants must be past or present students of the PG Driving For Life Academy who have completed 6 or more lessons. If you’re interested and fit the criteria, please email D4L(at)shaw(dot)ca for a letter confirming your eligibility (it will need to be submitted with your application).

Share with your friends/family who go to UNBC so they can apply!

Check for updated information on when the award applications open!