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We created a Financial Award with UNBC!

The award is available for past and current PG Driving For Life Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at UNBC. One award of $500 will be given per UNBC Awards Competition based on the following eligibility:

Available to a full-time undergraduate student in satisfactory academic standing. Applicants must be past or present students of the PG Driving For Life Academy who have completed 6 or more lessons. If you’re interested and fit the criteria, please email for a letter confirming your eligibility (it will need to be submitted with your application).

Share with your friends/family who go to UNBC so they can apply!

Check for updated information on when the award applications open!


There is a third party website that is charging drivers a $40 fee to book their road test. This website is not affiliated with ICBC and also seems to operate in some other Canadian provinces and countries around the world. Although there is a testing fee payable when arriving to do your test, booking a BC road test is free and no driver has to pay for it.

If you wish to book your own road test you can do it online or call ICBC at ​​1-888-715-7775.

If you’ve already used the 3rd party website to book your road test and have shared your personal ICBC security keyword, you should contact ICBC immediately to have it reset.

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BC Practice Driving Test – Written Portion of the BC Learner’s License

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2021: Jenna Herdman

2020: Brooklyn Stauffer

2019: Josie Duque

2018: Mark Elson

2017: Emily Welford