We created a Financial Award with UNBC!

The award is available for past and current PG Driving For Life Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at UNBC. One award of $500 will be given per UNBC Awards Competition based on the following eligibility:

Available to a full-time undergraduate student in satisfactory academic standing. Applicants must be past or present students of the PG Driving For Life Academy who have completed 6 or more lessons. If you’re interested and fit the criteria, please email D4L(at)shaw(dot)ca for a letter confirming your eligibility (it will need to be submitted with your application).

Share with your friends/family who go to UNBC so they can apply!

Check http://www.unbc.ca/financial-aid for updated information on when the award applications open!

Congratulations to our UNBC Award Recipients!

Supporting Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation

“Giving is the Difference, that makes the Difference”

A portion of your driving lesson dollars help to support an annual donation to the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. We are proud to donate to such a wonderful entity within our community, and are pleased to provide donations that focus on the P.A.R.T.Y Program, which is intended to educate youth, aged 16+, about the possible outcomes of engaging in risky or dangerous behavior.