Lesson Overview

PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. is committed to teaching students the skills necessary to drive safely, responsibly, and defensively in a comfortable and respectful environment. 

We offer a variety of driving lessons in Prince George, with our most popular packages being those in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP). The GLP includes both in-car and in-classroom instruction, comprehensively teaching students the lifelong skills to drive accident free. 

The length of the course allows students to learn throughout a number of seasons with unique driving conditions, provides students with two grade 11 high school credits, and reduces the student’s Class 7N (Novice Stage) by 6 months (if they drive prohibition and accident-free over the course of their Novice Stage.)

We also offer our entire complement of video training guides on our BC Online Driver Training Platform included at no extra charge with all GLP packages. These provide handy tools like guided walkthroughs of maneuvers, a demo of what to expect on the ICBC Road Test, parking, and more.

We also have Custom Tailored Lesson Packages that provide the flexibility for specialized driving instruction. Packages normally range from 2 to 18 lessons. You’ll have the opportunity to add on full access to the BC Online Driver Training Platform to your Custom Tailored Lesson Package for over 50% off to help support your in-car lessons.

For more guidance on which package to select, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us to find the best fit.

 GLP Classroom Sessions for 2023:
Sessions run 4:30pm – 8:30pm Friday and 9am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday
May 26, 27, 28
August 11, 12, 13
Nov 3, 4, 5

Things to Know About Driving Lessons in Prince George

You’ll be learning from professional, experienced, ICBC certified (and just generally awesome to be around) instructors.

In spring and summer months we regularly book a minimum of one month in advance.
Remember to leave ample time for lessons and a Road Test. When building the instruction schedule for a student, we also include the Road Test date and book it with ICBC on behalf of the student (unless the package doesn’t include a road test) – if you’ve already scheduled a Road Test, please let us know when registering.

Please read this ICBC Student Consent and Release Form which the student will be required to sign.
Prior to a Driver Training School booking a Road Test on behalf of a student, the student must provide his or her consent for the school to book a Road Test on the student’s behalf and disclose personal information about that student to ICBC for the purpose of booking a Road Test. 

You can pay for lessons online via credit card or offline via cash/cheque/e-transfer. Split-pay is available if you choose to pay by credit card. Any package paid in full via cash/cheque/e-transfer is eligible for a 3% discount. 
If paying by credit card, payment is due when completing the online registration form. If paying by cheque, all payments are due via post-dated cheques at the beginning of the first in-car or in-class lesson (whichever comes first). If paying by cash or e-transfer, payments can be allotted to specific lesson dates. PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. reserves the right to cancel lessons if payments have not been made. Any cheques returned NSF will be charged a $30 fee, per missed payment, and new payments must be made in cash. Once you complete the registration process, let us know if you require further payment arrangements to be made. If you choose to cancel there is a $120.00 non-refundable deposit due after any lessons, in-classroom or in-car, are completed. 

Our prices don’t include GST and are subject to change without notice. ICBC fees are the responsibility of the student and are not included in our prices.
GST will be added during the registration process. We will honour previous PG Driving For Life rates for one month from initial quote.

PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. Instructors reserve discretion
for road test bookings if a student is identified as being unlikely to pass due to lack of practice, 2 or more missed appointments or any external circumstances not related to PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. instruction.

We also reserve the right to deny a student use of our vehicles for testing prior to the first ICBC Road Test if we believe the student will not pass. Please refer to FAQ’s for further information about driving lessons in Prince George.  

GLP Diamond

$ 3400

48 hours total instruction
18 hours in-classroom
30 hours in-car, plus
Use of car for Road Test
(Price does not include GST)

Includes Full Access To Our BC Online Driver Training Platform

GLP Platinum


38 hours total instruction
18 hours in-classroom
20 hours in-car, plus
Use of car for Road Test
(Price does not include GST)

Includes Full Access To Our BC Online Driver Training Platform

GLP Gold

$ 2450

36 hours total instruction
18 hours in-classroom
18 hours in-car, plus
Use of car for Road Test
(Price does not include GST)

Includes Full Access To Our BC Online Driver Training Platform

GLP Silver Package

$ 1900

34 hours total instruction
18 hours in-classroom
16 hours in-car, plus
Use of car for Road Test
(Price does not include GST)

Includes Full Access To Our BC Online Driver Training Platform

GLP Bronze Package

$ 1700

32 hours total instruction
18 hours in-classroom
14 hours in-car, plus
Use of car for Road Test
(Price does not include GST)

Includes Full Access To Our BC Online Driver Training Platform

Flexibility for specialized driving instruction
Most include use of car for Road Test

Available for any GLP or Custom Tailored Lesson Package. Great gift for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions!

Corporate Programs:

PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. is pleased to offer several types of training to fit your Corporate needs. From winter skills to safety and driving refreshers or tutorials and classroom sessions, we are pleased to consult with businesses to create programs that suit employers and employees alike. Corporate rates are evaluated at the time of assessment.
Please Click Here for our full Corporate Driver Training Overview.

Customized / Special Programs:

We are pleased to offer special programs and customized instruction for students facing specific challenges. Please Contact Us to discuss further.

“Recently, I reached out to Chris to see if he would be willing to assist me in facilitating client’s back to driving after serious motor vehicle accidents. I have been contracting Chris as part of a graduated exposure program for clients to improve their independence and comfort in driving activities. He has been an integral part of my client’s functional rehabilitation and they have been incredibly impressed with his supportive and patient approach. In addition, Chris is wonderful to deal with professionally; always courteous, responds promptly and provides invoices/reports in a timely manner. It has been a real pleasure working with Driving For Life and I envision a long, working relationship together in the future. Please Note: The views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or professional body.”

– Kristina McKenzie, Occupational Therapist

University of Northern BC

We created a Financial Award with UNBC!

The award is available for past and current PG Driving For Life Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at UNBC. One award of $500 will be given per UNBC Awards Competition based on the following eligibility:

Available to a full-time undergraduate student in satisfactory academic standing. Applicants must be past or present students of the PG Driving For Life Academy who have completed 6 or more lessons. If you’re interested and fit the criteria, please email info@drivingforlife.ca for a letter confirming your eligibility (it will need to be submitted with your application).

Share with your friends/family who go to UNBC so they can apply!

Check www.unbc.ca/financial-aid for updated information on when the award applications open!