We are pleased to offer several types of training to fit your Corporate needs.

From safety and driving refreshers or tutorials to classroom sessions and lessons, we will consult with your business to create programs that suit employers and employees alike.

It is common for experienced drivers to develop poor driving habits over time. Teaching new habits and providing a refresher for skills is a necessity. It is important for companies to instill a safe workplace, both in and out of the office, and while their employees are on the road in a variety of seasonal conditions. Knowing what do if an emergency should arise is important, as is driving in a manner consistent with a company’s expectations of safety.

We offer several types of Programs:

  • Classroom Training
  • One on One In-Car Instruction
  • Combination of Both

There’s a great benefit to doing both in-car and in-classroom training: the comprehensiveness allows your team to refresh and improve both their knowledge base and technical skills. In-classroom sessions consist of a 60-minute presentation with an additional time for Q&A and can accommodate up to 30 participants. In-car sessions consist of 1-hour long lessons (as many as necessary) and can be customized to fit the specific outcome that you are looking for, or can provide a general overview. You may arrange to have training completed in your work vehicles, provided all Students have a Class 5 driver’s license.

Lessons can be completed during any season. Spring and Autumn offer transitional weather conditions, as ice and snow give way to potholes, gravel covered pavement, lack of lane markings and cooler temperatures overnight; or in the case of Autumn, wet leaves, black ice, freezing rain, and falling snow. Winter presents its own challenges with snow, ice and poor road conditions, covered lane markings, and cold temperatures. Summer is often the easiest time of year to drive but congestion, limited vision from smoke or smog, and longer trips can still cause issues.

Please Note: Corporate rates are evaluated after a discussion surrounding your needs. Any package booked for 10 or more students will be offered at a 5% discount if sessions are booked 3+ months in advanceContact Us for a free consultation.


Supporting Our Community

“Giving is the Difference, that makes the Difference”

A portion of your driving lesson dollars helps to support various organizations in our community including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George, the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation, and our UNBC Scholarship fund.