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General FAQs

As a rule, a 4 Lesson Package is the absolute minimum we suggest to anyone who will be testing within the next 6-8 weeks (from the time of booking). There is a lot of material for us to teach and for students to understand and this allows us both to do so, with minimum stress.

If you have 40-60 hours of experience and will be testing shortly, we recommend a minimum of a 4-6 Lesson Package. 

The minimum package we allow our vehicles to be used for ICBC testing purposes is a 6 Lesson Package. 

If you have 25-40 hours of experience, consider an 8-10 Lesson Package. 

If you have less than 25 hours experience or are a brand new driver, you should be considering a 14 or 18 Lesson Package or any of the GLP Program Packages. These packages are designed for drivers who are wanting the most comprehensive training. They are perfect for students who are also very nervous about driving or who do not have someone with whom they can regularly practice.

If you are a new Learner, have no one to practice with, and are very stressed about driving in general, consider a GLP Diamond Package.

When choosing any package of 6 Lessons or more, or the GLP Program Packages, the final 2 lessons are the warm-up prior to the test and the use of our vehicle for the ICBC Road Test.

If you wish, you can also take any Lesson Package and apply the last lesson to training only, and test in your own car. We will book the test for you and use the last lesson as the Warm Up, dropping you off at ICBC to test in your own car at the scheduled time.

  • The most obvious benefit is that students who participate are acquiring lifelong skills to drive accident free.
  • The GLP also offers the most comprehensive driving instruction, with emphasis on both in-class and in-car instruction.
  • The length of the course also allows students to learn throughout a number of seasons – with the unique driving conditions of each.
  • The GLP provides students with 2 grade 11 high school credits.
  • Our GLP Packages include full access to the entire complement of video training guides on our BC Online Driver Training Platform – this allows students to prep before or review after their lessons with guided walkthroughs and demonstrations. It’s also very beneficial for Co-Drivers to ensure they’re educated in supporting their learner when practicing. 
  • Lastly, GLP students can reduce their Class 7N (Novice Stage) by 6 months by completing the GLP course. This is especially helpful to those students who will need a Class 5 license for future employment opportunities. In order to earn the reduction successfully, a student must drive prohibition and accident-free over the course of their Novice Stage.
  • Lesson times vary from 60 to 90 minutes with the exception of the ICBC Road Test which is 2 hours – a 75 minute warm up lesson including ICBC sign in, and use of car for the Road Test.
  • You’ll receive a full schedule that notes how long each lesson is after the registration is complete.

Class sizes range from 25-40 students.

  • PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. schedules multiple Classroom Sessions per year.
  • Sessions take place over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The Friday class runs 4:30PM – 8:30 PM; Saturday and Sunday’s class runs 9AM – 5PM. 

Both GLP students’ lessons and Custom Tailored Lesson Packages are booked immediately after signing up, according to the student’s availability. A Learner’s License must be obtained before any sessions, classroom or in-car, are booked.

PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. has 5 vehicles used for in-car instruction.

  1. a turquoise Honda Fit
  2. a navy blue Honda Fit
  3. a white Honda Fit
  4. a silver Honda Fit
  5. a white Honda CRV

The  Honda Fit can easily accommodate varying sizes and heights, despite their small size. Shorter students who may require pedal extensions normally do not need them, and larger students can push the seat far back and adjust the steering wheel height. The vehicles are also equipped with telescopic steering to keep the student a safe distance from the airbag. If you are VERY tall, we do have a Honda CRV that can accommodate you.

The instructor(s) will be charting students’ progress and discussing it with them as each lesson unfolds. We will be recommending practice routes and activities, and if need be, following up with Co-Drivers. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with students about their skill level and where they stand in relation to passing their ICBC Road Test. Following driving lessons, home practice is the single best way to prepare for the test. The more practice a student receives between lessons, the more prepared they will be – and the easier each lesson will become.

If we believe a student will not pass their ICBC Road Test, we will not provide a vehicle for testing. If a student wishes to test in their own vehicle, we are happy to finish the lessons and/or provide a warm-up, but there is an inherent risk in allowing a student to test who we believe is not ready. We are happy to discuss further options as lessons progress.

The ICBC Road Test consists of 5 separate segments: Intersection Left, Right and Through (3), General Driving and Vehicle Handling. The test is usually about 35-40 minutes in length. The information provided here is a basic guide only for what may be on the test:

The first 3 Intersection segments include how the student deals with all types of intersections and turns. For example, do they understand their right of way? When to do a shoulder check? How to properly scan and what to look for? Where to correctly stop and when to creep? What position should they keep their wheels when turning? Where their hands should be positioned? How to properly navigate a turn? Both small and large intersections will be included in the test.

General Driving consists of the driving that takes place between intersections. It essentially deals with speed, lane positioning, and lane changes.

Vehicle Handling consists of the maneuvers or parking on the ICBC Road Test. These can include any of the following: A Pre-Trip, leaving the parking stall and lot, an Uphill or Downhill Park or both, a Cul-de-Sac, 3 Point Turn, Parallel Park, Reverse Stall Park, Backing in a straight line, Opening the door, and Two Hazard Perceptions.

These are solely  some of the main points of instruction that we cover when teaching students. There is a lot to learn, absorb and practice between lessons. We are teaching students to not only pass their ICBC Road Test but be safe, responsible drivers for all of their lives. We pride ourselves on teaching towards a lifelong ability to drive safely and accident-free; providing a fun and rewarding experience for all of our students. There are many people sharing today’s roads and we want our students to be among the best.

  • The fee for taking the ICBC Class 7N Road Test is $35.00. After passing the ICBC Road Test, there is an additional cost of $75.00 for your 5-year license.
  • If partaking in a Class 5 Road Test, the fee is $50.00 for the ICBC Road Test and either $17.00 or $75.00, depending on whether or not your license is going to expire within 6 months. THESE FEES ARE PAYABLE TO ICBC.
  • If you have any late cancellation fee(s) associated with a missed Road Test, you must pay these prior to taking your test.
  • You must have all fees at the time of testing. If you take the ICBC Road Test and cannot pay for your license, you may forfeit your test.
  • If you have any outstanding fines or late cancellation fees due to ICBC, they must be paid prior to taking your ICBC Road Test. Knowledge of these fines or fees is the responsibility of the student.

If you are taking a 6 Lesson Package or more, and are choosing to test in our vehicle, we book your ICBC Road Test.

*Please note that ICBC Road Tests take place on weekdays only, and always during normal school or work hours.

You must read and agree to an ICBC Road Test Consent and Release form to allow us to book a test on your behalf.

If a student lives more than 15 minutes out of the bowl area of Prince George, we request that the student be picked up from and dropped off at a closer location. This is for the student’s benefit, as valuable time is needed in the city to properly teach and complete all of the PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. curriculum. We want to be able to teach lessons in areas that would most benefit the student, especially on busier city streets and in downtown Prince George.

You have the option of choosing a male or female instructor. Please be aware that we will do our best to accommodate you, but choosing only one instructor may result in a longer duration of lessons due to instructor availability.

There are a few options, depending on your needs as a driver. We like to assess the situation by beginning with an evaluation lesson. This allows both the instructor and the student to understand whether more lessons are actually needed. If the evaluation lesson is sufficient, it will be the only lesson completed.

You can pay for lessons online via credit card or offline via cash/cheque/e-transfer.

Split-pay is available if you choose to pay by credit card. 

If paying by credit card, payment is due when completing the online registration form.

If paying by cheque, all payments are due via post-dated cheques at the beginning of the first in-car or in-class lesson (whichever comes first).

If paying by cash or e-transfer, payments can be allotted to specific lesson dates. PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. reserves the right to cancel lessons if payments have not been made.

Any cheques returned NSF will be charged a $30 fee, per missed payment, and new payments must be made in cash.

Once you complete the registration process, let us know if you require further payment arrangements to be made. If you choose to cancel there is a $120.00 non-refundable deposit due after any lessons, in-classroom or in-car, are completed. 

The classroom sessions can be made up in the following months. However, any missed sessions MUST be completed BEFORE the student is allowed to take their road test. A student must complete the GLP and ICBC Road Test within one year (365 days) of beginning the classroom sessions. Failure to attend even one classroom session may mean delay or forfeiture of GLP completion.

If a student is late for an appointment, the instructor will wait for 15 minutes before leaving. We will try to contact you before moving to our next appointment.

If you need to cancel a road test or are unable to attend, 48 hours notice MUST be given. If 48 hours notice is not given, there is a $25.00 fee for each missed appointment PAYABLE TO ICBC. This is in accordance with ICBC regulations. If we have booked a Road Test for you, we must be given 72 hours notice to have time to cancel or rebook the Road Test. If you have booked your own test, you are responsible for canceling your own test.

If you currently have a Class 7N or Class 5 License, an Evaluation Lesson is a great tool to assess your habits prior to re-testing, or to assess your skills and find where improvement is needed.

If you currently have a Class 7L license, we suggest you take a minimum 4 Lesson Package prior to testing. Your time is better spent learning what you don’t know, rather than evaluating what you don’t know.

ICBC is located at 4001 15th Avenue.

Lessons are normally booked between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM, 7 days a week. We are closed on Statutory Holidays. If the student is only available for after school appointments, please be aware that these appointments are filled the fastest and often weeks in advance.

If you require a refund, it will be pro-rated against how much of the course has been completed, how many lessons have occurred or been missed, minus a $120.00 deposit. The deposit fee is included in any package purchased.

Our Instructors

PG Driving For Life Academy Ltd. is committed to teaching students the skills necessary to drive safely, responsibly, and defensively in a comfortable and respectful environment.

Happy Students

University of Northern BC

We created a Financial Award with UNBC!

The award is available for past and current PG Driving For Life Students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at UNBC. One award of $500 will be given per UNBC Awards Competition based on the following eligibility:

Available to a full-time undergraduate student in satisfactory academic standing. Applicants must be past or present students of the PG Driving For Life Academy who have completed 6 or more lessons. If you’re interested and fit the criteria, please email for a letter confirming your eligibility (it will need to be submitted with your application).

Share with your friends/family who go to UNBC so they can apply!

Check for updated information on when the award applications open!